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Home to 1,500 craft villages employing some 800,000 people, Hanoi is facing formidable challenges to preserve and develop it's cultural industry sector.

Tomorrow+Partners were approached to develop strategies and solutions to protect and develop the cultural and heritage industries of the city. 


Tomorrow+Partners proposed for Hanoi to join the UNESCO Creative City Network (UCCN) and seek designation as a Creative City of Design.


The UNESCO Creative City Network is a gathering of global cities that put creativity and the creative

industries at the centre of their strategy for sustainable urban development.

Acting as strategic advisor to the United Nations, UNESCO, and the Government of Vietnam, Tomorrow+Partners have been instrumental in the designation of Hanoi as a UNESCO Creative City of Design.

Initiating the program and working closely with the head of UNESCO as well as government ministries and agencies to achieve designation, Tomorrow+Partners developed the strategy and activation program for Hanoi to join the UNESCO Creative City Network as a Creative City of Design. Acting as international consultant and advisor, Tomorrow+Partners was invited to join the government task force to prepare and submit the application for Hanoi to join the UNESCO Creative City Network.


The program developed by Tomorrow+Partners has been adopted and implemented by the Hanoi People’s Committee into the Development Plan for the City of Hanoi 2030 and beyond.

As a result of the success of this program, the future development of a further 6 Creative Cities in Vietnam is now being sought by the Vietnam government. 


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Designation of Hanoi as UNESCO Creative City of Design


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Hanoi - Creative City of Design.

Creative Capital of South East Asia - A Vision for a City


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