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One of the largest private enterprises in Vietnam, SOVICO Group's operations extend across Aviation, Real Estate, Energy and Banking (VietJet Air, HD Bank, Phu Long Real Estate).​

Tomorrow+Partners were approached to develop the strategy and branding for a groundbreaking multi-billion USD gateway township development acquired by SOVICO Group. Home to a new generation, Mailand Hanoi City is destined to accommodate 70,000 residents in the high-profile An Khanh area of the city.


Tomorrow+Partners were engaged to act as strategy and brand consultant, in the role of Chief Creative Officer and special advisor to the chairwoman of SOVICO Group, Mme Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, best known as founder of Vietjet Air and HD Bank, as well as her major philanthropic contributions such as her recent donation to Linacre College, Oxford, Fulbright University, Vietnam, UNESCO and the Government of Vietnam.

Tomorrow+Partners developed brand and strategy for the development of Mailand Hanoi City in collaboration with UNESCO and UN-Habitat as part of the UNESCO Creative City program.

This included the development strategy, zoning and branding of the entire development and direction for the planning of the residential and commercial zones, retail, and shopping malls, as well as landmark architecture and the global SOVICO ecosystem.


SOVICO Group | Phu Long


Real Estate | Sustainable Urban Development


Premier real estate developer in Vietnam


Strategy | Brand | Consultancy | Urban Development


-   Consultancy

-   Insight & Intelligence

-   Market Analysis

-   Strategy

-   Brand Proposition

-   Naming
-   Township Zoning and Development Plan

-   Branding

-   Creative Direction

-   Keynotes & Conferences

-   Collaborations

-   Presentations


Mailand Hanoi City.

Gateway to the future.


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