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Founded in 1995 in Huntington Beach, California, PAUL FRANK has been a well-loved and influential global lifestyle brand for almost 30 years. Under license in the Chinese market since 2009, the brand had become stale against the background of a new generation, raised on a diet of social media-driven street and skate brands. 

Tomorrow+Partners was approached to reenvision, reposition and develop the brand in a major push to open PAUL FRANK to a new generation of consumers and re-connect with it's established customer base.


Tomorrow+Partners were engaged to reposition and relaunch the PAUL FRANK brand for the Chinese market, opening it with to new generation of customers and reconnecting it with it's established customer base.


As part of the project, we developed 4 new brands - PAUL FRANK, PAUL FRANK X, PAUL FRANK SPORT and PAUL FRANK ORIGINALS to extend the reach of the paul frank across a wider customer base in the market.


Tomorrow+Partners developed brand proposition, strategy, brand identity, creative direction and product portfolio as well as 4 store concepts for for the new ranges. In order to support the project, Tomorrow+Partners engaged a team of 15 international designers, design directors and retail architects to work on location in China, opening 360 new stores in the first year, also producing and directing the PAUL FRANK fashion show in Shanghai, as well as the brand and media campaigns.


PAUL FRANK | People's Republic of China


Fashion & Lifestyle | Retail


Reposition to become a key player in the market with 3,000+ stores


Strategy | Brand | Creative Direction | Product Development


-   Consultancy

-   Insight & Intelligence

-   Research Trips

-   Brand Proposition

-   Strategy

-   Market Analysis

-   Brand Development

-   Collaborations
-   Creative Team

-   Design Team

-   Range Planning

-   Product Design

-   Product Development

-   Packaging

-   Marketing Strategy

-   Marketing Plan

-   Activation Program

-   Copywriting

-   Keynotes & Conferences

-   Presentations

-   Custom Publishing

-   Store Concepts

-   Show Production

-   Campaign Production

-   Opening 360 Stores


A new world for an old friend.

Major brand re-launch for the biggest market in the world.


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